contract information

Weekly Lessons/Tuition

Lessons are given on a weekly basis in your home.  Six lessons per period, based upon the French school schedule.  Lessons are paid at the beginning of each period, as well as a 15€ per period workshop fee.  



            Hourly                    6 lessons per 6 week period     315 €    
            3/4 hour                6 lessons per 6 week period    285 € 
            1/2 hour                6 lessons per 6 week period     255 €

                   Individual Lessons:  60 € / hour  ( Unless you are a regular weekly client.  )


Consultations are given by appointment and usually run 45 min to one hour.  The charge is 50€, however if we decide to work together, I will apply 25€ to your first payment.

Travel Expenses

Travel expenses are only for those students that live outside of my regular working area and where it takes more than 50 min travel time from either the center of Paris, or from the student before or after.  Travel fees will be applied only one way at a charge of 35€ per lesson.


Regular lessons are not scheduled during the school vacation dates.  If you would like to schedule lessons during this time, they can be scheduled separately from the regular schedule and payed in a pro-rated way.  However, If you take vacation during the regular the regular school sessions, there are no make-ups.  If your child’s school is on a different schedule than the French school system, allowances will be made in advance.


Workshops are offered every period to experience performing and to learn from others.  Every effort should be made to be involved in class work when offered.  A fee of 15€ per period, paid with tuition, is non-refundable, even if you cannot attend.  Dates of workshops are given at the beginning of the period. 


For students that qualify to perform, a formal recital is prepared. An additional fee may be required, but will be discussed in advance.  It is highly recommended that all students attend, even if they are not performing, so they can learn from the other students, and to be exposed to other repertoire. 


For those students that want Level/Grade certification, exams are given in the beginning of June.  Pianist fees for the exam and rehearsals will be due at the time of the exam.  Exam fees are due in January.  Exams will count as a lesson given, and any extra lessons/rehearsals scheduled outside of the regular tuition will be added to the next period’s tuition fee.

With your first payment, you are accepting of this contract and in agreement with all of its terms.

Missed/Cancelled Lessons

Your time slot is being reserved for you.  I will do my best to rearrange - when asked in advance, but with my full schedule, it is difficult, and cannot be promised and is not guaranteed – therefore—the below statement is my default.  Thank you for your understanding. 

No deduction or makeup lesson will be given with your cancellation,
with the exception of protracted illness of two weeks or more,
for which one makeup lesson will be scheduled.